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Arlington Starling Control Methods

The Arlington starling bird is not indegenous to the United States. They were brought past the borders from Europe in the nineteenth century. They have since then significantly increased in number and also spread all over the place. They have grown to become a real threat to the Americans and their property. They eat a significant amount of food, destroy plants and also contaminate the place with their messy droppings. These droppings create slipping hazards in places where people dwell, and also carry lots of serious diseases with them thus posing a serious health problem to the people. For these and many other reasons, it is therefore paramount that different methods are deployed to get rid of the Virginia birds from places where their presence is not desired. There are very many different methods out there that could be used. For the best results, it is best that you use at least one method at a tima and also, try not to use a method for too long since sometimes, the birds get used to it and adapt. A good example of such a method that could get old to the birds with time is a scarecrow. The could realize that its actions are limited and thus endup not being scared of it.

The many different methods that could be used to control the Viginia starlings include:
1. Scaring the birds away- this could be achieved by the use of scarecrows or other decoys like predator decoys. Arlington tarlings are scared of predators like the hawk and having a hawk's carving in your property could do you wonders.
2. Sudden loud noises- these noises work to scare the birds too. A radio, firecrackers or gunshots are very handy and effective here. The 22 caliber shotgun is commonly used and is fired by someone that is preferrably in a higher ground than where the starlings are.
3. Chemical repellent- are very effective in getting rid of these Virginia birds from ones property. There are very many different types that could be used on starlings, which could either be home made solutions or commercial products bought from the market. However, a disadvantage of their use is that most can not be applied on plants that are to be fed on by people later.
4. Trapping- this can be done too, but it is only practical for small areas, like a small back yard garden.
5. Poisoning the birds- is also an option, but that does not mean that it should be deployed. This method should not be deployed at all costs, since it is inefficient, proves to be virtually in vain and the worst thing about it is that it poses a lethal threat to other animals, pets and people too.
6. Installation of bird nets.

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