Arlington Snake Poem

In order to identify how venomous a certain Arlington snake is, many are familiar with a certain snake rhyming poem. One line in the poem discusses “red touch yellow kills a fellow”. We will dissect what this certain line means.

I. About the poem
a) The Virginia snake rhyming poem is usually taught in middle school biology.
b) This poem is originally created by Jack Lotic-us although versions vary in certain area.
c) Since there are a lot of variation in different areas, the better approach once a snake is seen is to have a more technical knowledge regarding it rather than remembering the correct words in a silly rhyme.

II. The meaning of “Red touch yellow kills a fellow”
a) The whole poem discuss how to approach when a certain snake is seen. This basically states if a Arlington snake is dangerous or not.
b) One line in the poem states, “red touch yellow kills a fellow” which simply means that once you've encounter snakes with a pattern of red touching yellow, these snakes are more likely venomous and and might cause death to individuals.

III. The line discuss what species of Virginia snake?
a) This poem was made in order for individuals to distinguish venomous coral snakes from their non- venomous relatives, scarlet king snake since at first glance without really minding their patterns one can easily confuse the two species.

IV. Is the poem reliable?
a) As said before there are different version of this poem depending on area thus in order to maintain once safety it is rather best to study Arlington snake characteristics by the book rather than depending on the poem.
b) Since there are a few exception to the rules in poem, the reliability of it is questionable.
c) It is best to study actual reference materials so that if one has an encounter snake species can easily be identifiable.
d) The problem perhaps of chances of negative Virginia snake encounter will be lessen if people will not try to disturb or kill the snakes.
e) The deadly coral snake for example are shy in nature and do not have any intention to harm humans however when agitated their primary response is to protect themselves by injecting venom to the culprit.
f) The best advice there is on how to be safe around Arlington snake is to basically just leave them alone.

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