How to Hunt Arlington Racoon?

The high demand for fur encouraged several people to hunt Arlington raccoon for its hides. “Coon hunting” allows people to look for and capture racoon for its prized fur much like any other fur creatures. In some areas, raccoon meat is eaten while other body parts serve some unusual purpose.

Best season and time to hunt?
a) Raccoon prefer to stay in places that can ideally provide them with food, water and shelter.
b) They mostly reside in areas near bodies of water like creek or stream or near agricultural fields where access to their needs is easier.
c) Though because of the threat brought about by hunting, some Virginia raccoon learned to adapt in living in mountain areas far from human intervention.
d) The use of lead dog is very much suggested since they can easily follow raccoon trails.
e) Ideally, the hunt should start during damp season since it is easier to track down this animal during this condition.
f) And it will be best for the hunt be done at night time since Arlington raccoons are nocturnal animals

II. Easy steps in hunting
a) Before starting the Arlington raccoon hunt, it is best to invest in effective gears that will be vital for use.
i. One should invest in a good night light source that will be used for hunting. This will help in navigating the area during coon night hunt. A good LED light that is light- weight and highly powered is suggested.
ii. A good footwear is also suggested since Virginia raccoon prefer areas which are murky and difficult and the hunt will be done mostly by foot thus a sturdy boots or rubber shoes is suggested for wading the hunt area.
iii. Tracking devices and power tools are also suggested to bring during the hunt. These things will make it easier for one to traverse the hunting area in a more practical sense.
b) As suggested, it is best to proceed with your hunt with a lead dog so that by the time your dog approach a possible area or chase a possible prey it will just be easier for the person since dogs have a much heightened senses than human. Once the lead dog cornered a raccoon usually they climb up a tree and most of the time they just stay up there, it is easier to shoot it.
c) If the hunt is within a private property, it is ideal to offer respect to the owner by asking permission stating your intention.
d) Raccoon hunting is open season however some areas have specific regulation one needs to follow thus it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules in the area you wish to hunt to prevent harm from occurring.

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